How to Hand Stitch Leather Items?

Everyone knows that there is sewing machine that sews leather. But you must also know that it is possible to stitch leather by hand. Stitching leather by hand makes stitches stronger and long lasting than the sewing methods using sewing machines that sews leather. Suppose any of your leather items get torn, and if you know how to hand stitch leather, then it is the best method rather than hiring an industrial or domestic heavy duty sewing machine.

How to Hand Stitch Leather

Hand stitch of leather is done by the ‘saddle stitch’ procedure. However, without the correct tools you cannot do hand stitch of your torn leather goods. The materials needed are

  • overstitch wheel,
  • stitching awl,
  • leather stitching needles,
  • rubber cement
  • waxed thread
  • stitching groove

First step is to use the rubber cement to cleave to the leather jointly while you sew. Gently apply rubber cement to both the sides of the leather and press till it dries completely. Now put the groove on the leather using stitching groove. It creates a perfect straight line and also removes the leather stitch and protects the thread by doing so. Next use the overstitch wheel to blot the threading space carefully. You can make six stitches per inch. This tool comes in various sizes.

Extent of the stitches differs according to the size

Next take a thread three times the length of the stitching length. Use two needles to lock the needle to the thread. Inside the needle eyelet, fix the wax thread and make a loop. Now pull the loop over and lock it. Now the wax thread will not move. Repeat the same method to the other needle of the thread and secure it in its place with a loop again.

Stitching Awl

Stitching Awl makes holes on the leather to make the stitches. It has a sharp edge to cut holes into the leather. Pierce and make holes at a consistent spacing. Stitching pony can also be used as an alternate here to make the holes. Now start to sew. Use both the needles each passing through one hole but in the opposite directions. Repeat this till you reach the end. The final step is to lock your stitches in their original place without moving. Cut the extra thread after the final knot.

This easy means of hand stitching the leather takes time and effort but it is definitely worth the time you had spent on it since all the sutures are very sturdy for a lifetime compared to using the sutures from the sewing machine that sews leather.