LoL Elo Boost and Everything to Know About It!

I am a great fanatic for video games and my all-time favorite is the League of Legends. For those who possess a never-ending appetite for action, use of strategy and fighting tactics, LoL is the way to go since it is a MOBA, multiplayer online battle arena!  Its gaming mechanism comprises of ‘Elo ranking system’, the meaning of which is unclear to many players. Elo was a rating system previously used in chess, a zero-sum game, in order to calculate the skills of players relative to each other. It helped in determining the exact number of points made or lost by me and hence it led to the ascertainment of the winner and the loser.  

Actually, Elo rating system is used for comparing and predicting whether my team is going to win or lose against the opponent team. But seeing other players in ‘solo queue’ was demotivating and frustrating for me. I could see no better option than LoL Elo boost which helped me in achieving my gaming goals. With Elo boosting I let high ranked players play on my behalf. Watching skilled players play with LoL Elo boost, their utmost professionalism boosted up my game and it was just perfect!

I got a glimpse of various things in the game like the types of queues which included solo/duo queue, flex queue, normal draft and blind pick. Only 1-2 players can play in Solo/Duo queue and it is meant for high ranking players. With Flex queue I could play with my friends since it is meant for 1, 2, 3 or 5 players. Through normal draft we could play as a group of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 players. But I always preferred blind pick over normal draft as it was a quicker version. There are 141 champions in the game, with eccentric names like Aatrox, Ashe, Garen, Jinx, etc. 

The presence of various ranks implored me to keep hustling for a promotion to higher rank. I began with the bronze rank which is the lowest, then got promoted to silver which is a common rank. Then finally at present I got promoted to gold league which comes in the middle of all the standard ranks.  After that comes platinum and diamond league respectively. Master Tier depends on the LP ladder and does not have divisions while on the other hand, Challenger Tier is the best league in LoL with only selective players as a part of it. 

While these 6 tiers comprise of players with similar skills and each tier consists of many leagues, each one of them is divided further as well. There are four divisions (I, II, III & IV) in each league that denote the progress of a player. All in all it is the best game I’ve ever played!