Playing Mu online on a new server

The new games holds a lot of promise and it has the players excited about setting out with the new version and conquering many more quests. This game is adventurous, and fantasy filled. It is addictive and gets you to experience out of this world experience of dealing with super natural creatures of power along with the powers you accumulate as you play along.

For the Gaming Fans

The fans of the genre are many and this is the reason the game has been successful over the years. You get the chance to play so many different characters and interact with so many during the game, that it is you are getting weaved into a story that you can take forward with the skill set and mind to cross over all the hurdles placed at every level. Go play the new version with

How the game was

Before the new version came to play about, MU was a pay to play game which later became a free to play game online. It has a very good player base, though being one of the older games that have been around for quite several years. Players are still enthusiastic about the new version and the features that have now been worked upon and improved to give the player a whole new experience of playing the game. The reviews and players have felt that it gave persons playing a similar experience as the one of another game known as Diablo. These games had the dungeon crawler kind of themes which is now seen in the MY online games which hold onto such kind of adventure and fantasy genre mix of play.

The seven classes had to be bought from the cash shop before the game begins. The content is very dynamic as it has been constantly over the dozen years of existence of the online game wherein the endeavour was to keep it interesting each time a player played and not seem outdated. The player has constantly having to do something in the game and there is never a dull moment to take away your attention and over 400 levels to go through it will keep you engaged for quite a long time. Try the new version with

The Dungeons

The dungeons are not just for crawling and there a loot that you could pick up on the way and equip your character with the best gear to help it conquer more such levels. These games is not only to fend of attack form monsters but other players to who act as opponents and you would have to sometimes initiate the attack yourself and fend of competition. They have provided options for those who don’t have PvP servers.